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Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing Services:

When your lawn area is mowed by Tender Lawn Care you have more time to do the things you love. A clean cut, neatly edged lawn shows that you truly care about your home or commercial grounds. Put Tender Lawn Care’s skilled operators and state of the art equipment to work for you and get the job done right without the hassle!


Fertilization and Weed control:
Tender Lawn Care will make the grass thicker and greener on your side of the fence. Our capable, trained staff care about you and your lawn. We combine knowledge with top quality products and services to give you environmentally friendly solutions. Our fertilizer program is phosphorus-free and our technicians will ensure the fertilizer is blown off your walkways and driveway. 
Lawn Aeration:
The best lawns are those that receive the right balance of fertilizer and oxygen. Your lawn needs to
breath freely just like you. Limit the breathing and you limit the lawns’ health. Performed anytime the soil
is ready, this service can enhance the beauty of your lawn.
Insect and Disease Controls:
Occasionally there may be a problem with damaging insects or diseases. Tender Lawn Care has the
most experienced personnel to identify and treat these problems. We treat problems with the least amount
of impact on our environment. The best prevention is fertilization with proper watering and consistent mowing!