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Mosquito Control

Protect your friends and loved ones with Tender Lawn Care's Mosquito Control Program. If an increasing population of mosquitoes has made it difficult for you to enjoy your outdoor space, consider these benefits of our mosquito control services:

  • Fully licensed and trained technicians
  • We use only EPA approved products
  • Biting insects are greatly reduced
  • Decreased possibility of contracting West Nile or Zika
  • Full programs or one-time treatments are available

How does this treatment work? Our trained technicians will use a special blend of EPA approved insecticides designed to target both adult pests as well as their eggs. This insecticide will then be applied to your property with a misting system. The mist will be sprayed throughout your landscape, and across the entire lawn.

How long does will this treatment remain effective? Our mosquito control treatments will provide you with protection for up to four weeks.

Will this treatment kill all of the mosquitoes and ticks on my property? No service can guarantee 100% insect control on your property. We can, however, guarantee a reduction of 85%-90% of the biting insects on your property within as little as two treatments.

Is this treatment harmful to children or pets? No, but we do recommend that you stay off of the treated areas for a minimum of 30-60 minutes after treatment. This will ensure that the products have had time to dry. Once the treatment has dried, your property is once again available for your enjoyment.

Will this application harm the bees or butterflies? Yes. The insecticides used for this application can be harmful to both bees and butterflies. It is for this reason that our trained applicators will not spray any flowering plants. As long as the bees and butterflies are not landing on treated surfaces, no harm will come to them. If there are particular plants that you do not want treated, please inform the office prior to treatment or let the technician know when they arrive on your property.

Family-owned since 1949, Tender Lawn Care proudly serves our community with professional, skilled operators and state of the art equipment working for you to get the job done right.

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