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Plants & Planting Beds

Weeding and Weed Control:

A neat and clean landscape area looks great and gives your home or business the appeal you’re after!
Tender Lawn Care uses the most advanced products to minimize and eliminate weed problems. We hand-pull the large weeds and spray the smaller ones. Call us today for this service.


Pruning and Trimming:

Your investment in your plants can be enhanced and prolonged with the proper care from Tender
Lawn Care. We employ people who have horticulture degrees who know how and when to hand-prune your landscape plants. With the proper techniques, correct timing, and the right equipment, we ensure that the pruning and trimming will be done in the most professional manner.


Bed/Sod Edging:

A clean defined edge around planting beds adds that manicured look you want for your landscape.
Our efficient operators and specialized equipment allow us to perform this service in a quick and easy
manner. Call us early in the season to ensure space availability.


Woodbark/Mulch Spreading or Delivery:

REFRESHING is the word most people use when they have had planting beds top dressed with quality woodbark/ mulch. Proper woodbark/mulch application helps to suppress weeds and helps keep the soil cool and moist around the plants.

DO IT YOURSELF! Have Tender Lawn Care deliver the same quality material we use, only you'll have the satisfaction of spreading it yourself. Please call soon to ensure placement on our list!