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Commercial and Residential Snow & Ice Removal since 1949

Snow Plowing:

Traveling safely is a constant challenge during any winter. Our state of the art snowplowing
equipment can give you the peace of mind that the job will get done right. Equipped with a quality office staff, communications during snow storms are quickly taken care of! The finest equipment, facilities and qualified operators make us the professional service you can count on. From the first snow to the last, and every time in between.

Benefits of choosing Tender Lawn Care:

• Fully staffed office
• Large fleet of vehicles
• Plowing at 1.5" of accumulation
• Unlimited residential driveway plowing


Parking lots, drives, and walks that are clean and safe will show your clients and employees that you care about their well being. Even with very light snowfalls there is the danger of slip and falls. Contracted salting services that Tender Lawn Care provides can minimize those conditions.

Snow Hauling: 

Parking spaces are at a premium when snow piles up. After large storms you may need snow
stacked on your property with our loader service or hauled off site. Tender Lawn Care conveniently
offers to perform this service at night for the least amount of traffic congestion.

Hand Shoveling: 

Tender Lawn Care provides hand shoveling for specific residential and commercial sites that contract
with us for full season service. Keeping sidewalks clear for your clients and employees is an important
benefit you may want to provide. Limited space is available so you’ll want to contract with us early!